Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Felt Bunnies

I made these cute lil bunnies. I think they are darling as they are, but I want to make them into something functional. Magnets, back pack pins, or hair thingys.

Marble Magnets

I finally figured out what to do with the cool little scraps of vintage fabric that aren't enough to really use.

Fabric marble magnets are sooo easy. I used basic fabric glue to cover the flat side of the marble and smushed it on the fabric. I let it sit there over night so it creates a good bond. The next day I trimmed off the excess and applied a piece of self adhesieve magnet to the back.

Paper magnets are just as easy. The only difference is that I use E6000 glue and squirt a blob onto a plate and dip the back of my marble into the glue. Smushing is fun with E6000.

Needle Book

Here is my new needle book. I made it outta felt. It seems like it took forever to make because I kept setting it aside to work on other things.


This is my basket of mistakes (including the basket). I decided to keep them and learn from them instead of throwing them away.

Loungin Kitty

This is my smiley boy Yoshi. We adopted him a couple of months ago and he is so happy! He doesn't usually "meow", he just chirps and squeaks.
His previous family took him to the SPCA because their new kid was allergic. Hmmmm, I'd probably just get rid of the kid...

Cute Ribbon

I found these rolls of ribbon in the dollar bin at Michaels.
They are acetate, but I couldn't resist the cute designs.